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General Information about Origami

The Art of Origami is one of the cultural treasures of mankind that offers us enormous amounts of joy.

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The Japanese word "ORU" means "to fold" and "KAMI" means "paper".

Origami & I

I started with Origami..., well I can't say exactly when I started with it. Probably I have folded a crane or something alike when I was in kindergarden. From then on I got the instruction for various models from friends now and then, but wasn't really interested in Origami for a long time.

I really started with Origami when I was in the army, because I had plenty of time then. At that time I created my first own design (a simple flower) and based on it the extended flower.

Unfortunately, I stopped folding paper after the army. However, I started again later during my first academic year. One day I felt inspired to look for Origami on the WWW. Actually, I found pretty much. (Look at the Links)

From then on I started to fold model after model. Now I am able to fold a large range of models. One of my favourite models is the Eastern Dragon, designed by Joseph Wu.

Eastern Dragon

Eastern Dragon (2 meters long, 2*17 sheets of A4)

As to my own creations, first I started experimenting with some basic figures and trying to fold existing models without instructions. This way I started designing Origami figures by myself.

In case of further questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me.

But now let's stop talking! Let's start folding!

Enjoy your visit on my pages!

Let's share the wonderful Art of Origami with all our human brothers and sisters!